# Photosensitizing Agents


Also known as 8-MOP, 8-MP, 8-Methoxyfuranocoumarin, 8-Methoxypsoralen, Ammoidin, Deltasoralen, Dermox, Geralen, Geroxalen, Meladinina, Meladinine, Meloxine, Methoxalen, Methoxypsoralen, Metoxaleno, Mopsoralen, Méthoxsalène, O-Methylxanthotoxol, Oxsoralen,...
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Also known as BPD-MA, Benzoporphyrin Derivative Monoacid Ring A, Verteporfina, Verteporfinum, Vertéporfine, Visudyne A synthetic light-activated agent with photodynamic activity. Upon systemic administration, verteporfin accumulates in neovessels in the eye and, once...
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